Walton Goggins Talks about Working with Quentin Tarantino

Apparently I missed the news about Walton Goggins being added to the Django Unchained cast. Sorry about that. He recently spoke about working with Quentin Tarantino in this interview with Collider:

How did you end up working with Quentin Tarantino?

GOGGINS: I’m a big fan. I’ve been a big fan, like everybody else, for 20 years. He really enjoyed my work in the films I’ve done, that he’s really liked. The first time he saw me was in a movie called The Apostle, and he was a fan of The Shield and likes Justified. We had never met before, and had the opportunity to meet and had an incredible meeting. He is one of, if not the most, passionate filmmakers I’ve ever been around, and a lover of this art form and material, and he’s a master at it. He’s a master at directing a scene. So, I was like a little giddy schoolgirl around him. I was so full of excitement.

Did he tell you much about what you’d be playing in Django Unchained?

GOGGINS: Yeah, we talked about it. There’s one role that I really wanted to go for because of my commitment to Justified. It’s something that is a quintessential Quentin Tarantino scene.

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