Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are Coming Back to Theaters!

As if getting a brand new film wasn’t enough, Quentin Tarantino fans are getting another special treat this December. For two nights only, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction will receive a national theater release as part of an event called “Tarantino XX.” Trailers for Tarantino movies will be shown before the films, as well a brief retrospective about Tarantino’s film career.

Reservoir Dogs will be shown on December 4th and Pulp Fiction on December 6th. Tickets for both events are available now online. Considering this is a One Night Only deal, you may want to purchase them now before they’re sold out. The two theaters showing it in my area have only one showing per night.

If you don’t feel like going to the theater, the Tarantino XX Blu-Ray set will be available in stores by then.

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