Django Unchained: 5 Quick Facts about the Quentin Tarantino Film

This reference guide is updated frequently with the latest Django Unchained news about the cast, plot, release date, and shooting schedule.

Django Unchained Plot

Intended as a modern day spaghetti western, Django Unchained is the story of a former slave who wants to rescue his wife from a cruel plantation owner.  Quoting from indieWire:

Calvin Candie, the owner of Candyland, a mixed race club in Greenville, Mississippi, and a dealer in mandingo fighting slaves. Candie takes possession of Broomhilde—Django’s slave wife—through a card game, and so it’s there that Django and the German bounty hunter Schultz (Christoph Waltz) travel. He’s a typically rich Tarantino villain, both eccentric (he’s a Francophile, and insists on being called ‘Monsieur,’ even if he can’t speak French) and complex—he’s a solid gold bastard, to be sure, but he’s also charismatic and not without his depths. The previously cast Samuel L. Jackson will play his right hand man, Stephen.

Click here for more details about the Django Unchained script.

Django Unchained Release Date

Christmas 2012

Confirmed Django Unchained Cast

Jamie Foxx – Django, a former slave (leading role)

Leonardo DiCaprio – Calvin Candie, an evil plantation owner (lead villain)

Christoph Waltz – German Bounty Hunter (leading role)

Kerry Washington – Broomhilda, Django’s Wife

Samuel L. Jackson – Stephen, house slave and right hand man to Calvin Candie (supporting actor)

Kurt Russell – Ace Woody, slave trainer who trains Calvin Candie’s slaves to fight in deathmatches

Don Johnson – Plantation Owner

Tom Savini – Plantation Owner

Gerald McRaney – Plantation Owner

Dennis Christopher – Calvin Candie’s lawyer

M.C. Gainey – Villain and rapist

Laura Cayoutte – Calvin Candie’s sister

Rumored Cast and Cameos

Michael K. Williams – Claims that Quentin Tarantino has written a supporting role for him

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Currently in talks with Quentin Tarantino to join the cast, but no word on what role he’ll play.

Franco Nero – played the title role in the 1966 film Django; possible cameo

Lady Gaga – Unknown role; Quentin is said to be a huge fan and wants to include her in some capacity

Django Unchained Shooting Schedule and Location

Django Unchained will be shot in New Orleans starting November 2011.

Django Unchained Influences

Django – A 1966 spaghetti western by Sergio Corbucci.  Watch the trailer

Sukiyaki Western Django – A 2007 Japanese film by Takashi Miike that is an homage to the original 1966 film.  Watch the trailer

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