The Official Django Unchained Teaser Poster is a Disappointment

It’s real. The Weinstein Company confirmed it through Twitter and Yahoo! Movies.

Honestly, this looks so quickly thrown together that I had assumed it was a hoax when I first saw it. I’m also suspicious of its similarities to a popular fan-made poster that was created around June 2011.

I’m not going to accuse the The Weinstein Company’s marketing department of copying Federico Mancosu‘s work. However, I will say that given how profilic this fan-made poster has been on social networking sites, blogs, and movie forums, I find it very hard to believe that nobody in The Weinstein Company’s marketing department has seen it before. Which is why I’m very disappointed with the official teaser poster. If you knew about this poster’s existence, then why give your own poster such striking similarities? I mean, this is The Weinstein Company. They have the money and resources to create something completely original and breathtaking, and instead, they gave us a poster that is indistinguishable from fan art.

UPDATE:  Federico Mancosu responded in the comments with some important information about the posters. In short, The Weinstein Company has legally acquired the rights to his artwork.  I’m very glad that Federico has received recognition and credit that he deserves. I apologize for misreading the situation and being too reactionary when I wrote the above paragraph.

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