Official Django Unchained Animated GIFs

If you haven’t visited the official Django Unchained website in awhile, then check it out. It just got a major update that allows you to take a virtual tour of Candyland and Bennett Manor while listening to some awesome music from the Django Unchained soundtrack. While you take the virtual tour, you can find some animated .gifs plus wallpaper and Facebook covers from the movie.  Overall, the new website is very well done and worth taking the time to explore.

Also included with the update is new related website: Tarantino Shoots You. This site has video from Quentin Tarantino himself and let’s you submit your own webcam video. I admittedly didn’t explore this site as much as the updated official one, so let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Below, I’ve gathered together all of the official Django Unchained animated .gifs from the website. Enjoy!

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