News from Django Unchained’s California Set

This the latest picture from Django Unchained’s California set. It was part of a recent Los Angeles Times  story about famous ranches in the Santa Clarita Valley. Deadwood fans might find the scene familiar, as this is the same ranch (Melody Ranch) where the series was filmed.

Here’s a photo gallery and virtual tour of Melody Ranch’s Western Main Street. No word on how closely these pictures resemble the actual Django Unchained set.

While most of the LA Times piece is focused on the Santa Clarita filming industry, they did include this blurb about the Django Unchained production:

On a cold, wet afternoon two cowboys trudge across a muddy street in a western town carrying saddles on their backs as a loud speaker blasts Jim Croce’s hit song “I got a Name.” The scene was being played out at the historic Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita , where director Quentin Tarantino was filming his upcoming western “Django Unchained,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx.

How exciting!

In related news, a kind reader has alerted me to this great podcast interview with Robert Richardson where he talks about filming Django Unchained.

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