Meet Calvin Candie

Some interesting details were released about the Django Unchained villain Calvin Candie (to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio). These are the most details we’ve heard about the plot to date!

If the deal is sealed, DiCaprio will play Calvin Candie, the owner of Candyland, a mixed race club in Greenville, Mississippi, and a dealer in mandingo fighting slaves. Candie takes possession of Broomhilde—Django’s slave wife—through a card game, and so it’s there that Django and the German bounty hunter Schultz (Christoph Waltz) travel. He’s a typically rich Tarantino villain, both eccentric (he’s a Francophile, and insists on being called ‘Monsieur,’ even if he can’t speak French) and complex—he’s a solid gold bastard, to be sure, but he’s also charismatic and not without his depths. The previously cast Samuel L. Jackson will play his right hand man, Stephen.

Sounds like you’re average Quentin Tarantino movie so far:  eccentric characters, dark and controversial subject matter, convoluted plot.  It certainly doesn’t sound like your average spaghetti western!

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