Django Unchained is Still in Editing

Quentin Tarantino recently received a Screenwriter of the Year Award at the Hollywood Film Awards for Django Unchained. What’s odd about this win is that the film is still being edited and remains unfinished! Here’s what Quentin Tarantino had to say when accepting his award:

“It’s strange to get an award while I’m still in the editing room,” said Quentin Tarantino, who took screenplay honors for his upcoming gonzo western “Django Unchained,” which will be released in theaters Christmas Day. Then again, he added, the honor could prove helpful in winning arguments with his editor. “I’ll be able to say, ‘Hey, you want to take a line out of my award-winning screenplay?’”

This isn’t too surprising, however, given that filming was pushed back for a few weeks, forcing stars like The RZA and Anthony LaPaglia to drop out out of the film due to scheduling conflicts. Even though Tarantino is cutting it close (pun intended), Christmas Day still remains the official release date. Do you know what that means? We’re exactly two months away from release!

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