Confirmed: Jamie Foxx will Play Django in Django Unchained

Variety has confirmed internet rumors that Jamie Foxx has been chosen by Quentin Tarantino to play Django. Jamie Foxx beat out Will Smith, Idris Elba, and Chris Tucker for the part.

Why did Tarantino choose Jamie Foxx?  The speculation on the internet is that Will Smith was initially offered the part, but passed on it to protect his clean and family friendly image. The financial backers of the film wanted a big box office name for the part and pushed for Jamie Foxx who has more name recognition domestically and overseas than Elba and Tucker.  Tucker hasn’t had a leading role in years, and Elba doesn’t have the right look for the film (the character of Django is supposed to be quite slim). This isn’t to imply that Jamie Foxx won the part strictly for financial reasons. Foxx is a very talented actor as proven by the many awards he won for Ray and Tarantino certainly isn’t the type to settle for the “wrong” actor.

Congratulations Jamie!

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