Django Unchained News Roundup: Free Music Download, Howard Stern Interview, & More

This Django Unchained parody poster is making the rounds on the internet.

John Legend’s “Who Did That To You” off the Django Unchained soundtrack is now available for free download. This was another song off the soundtrack that was specifically commissioned for the film. Here’s what Legend had to say about writing it:

“Quentin Tarantino’s movies have such a specific sound to them, where the music plays such an important role,” the singer says. “When I first learned that Quentin was making ‘Django Unchained,’ a film set in the South two years before the Civil War, I felt a strong connection to the story, and I knew that I wanted to write a song for it, one that would give voice to this character Django, who was willing to stand up and fight for his lover’s honor.

Producer Stacy Sher revealed to Variety that Leonardo DiCaprio injured his hand during an intense performance in Django Unchained:

“Leo had slammed his hand on the table countless times and he moved his hand further and he crushed a crystal cordial glass,” Sher says. “Blood was dripping down his hand. He never broke character. He kept going. He was in such a zone. It was very intense. He required stitches.”

That take is the one used in the final cut. It drew a standing ovation from the cast and the crew

“Not because he cut himself,” Sher says. “Because in that scene he had pages and pages of monologue. His performance was masterful. His level of commitment is extraordinary.”

This very same scene was mentioned in a previous news update where DiCaprio himself spoke about his level of commitment to the Calvin Candie character.

Showbiz411 wrote a post about Django Unchained and the Oscar race, but here’s the part I found most helpful:

Technically, there’s a reviewing embargo until something like December 15th. So I can’t review it or tell you much about it except that it’s a kind of soul food spaghetti Western with a mad dash of Mel Brooks.

It’s interesting that we keep seeing Mel Brooks mentioned in the reactions to this film. Perhaps now would be a good time to give Blazing Saddles another watch before Django Unchained is released.

Quentin Tarantino was recently honored at the Museum of Modern Art. The Hollywood Reporter wrote a good summary of the night. Among the highlights, he called Kill Bill his “most personal film.” Tarantino also gave a video interview with the BBC at the same event.

Speaking of interviews, Quentin Tarantino gave a 75 minute interview with Howard Stern on December 5th. The full interview is available on the Youtube video below. I haven’t had the time to listen to the whole thing, so I can’t give a summary or opinion of it either way.

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